Women make better parents-T3B

Fill in the blanks with the following transition markers (please refer to processes and strategies section in the training modules for further clarification on them)


Tutorial 3B


I ____ (1) that men or women make superior parents: the quality of any parent _________ (2) on the individual. Mostly though it depends on that individual's willingness to do it. Being 'good' at looking after children requires one to experience looking after children.


If a father _____(3) rocks a baby or changes a nappy or negotiates with a toddler or attempts to get them dressed, chances are that when he is first required to do one of those things he won't be much good at it. In the same way that until I had a baby I wasn't any good at swaddling or putting clothes on a tiny bundle of  a tightly curled baby. But with practice I learned ___ (4) so did my husband.

____ (5) are absolute institutional barriers to gender equality; normalising caring responsibilities and flexibility that enables those to be met in the workplace is a critical one. But equality in the workplace requires the same attitudinal shift in the home too.

The domestic component is not as _____ (6) as I sometimes like to hope. Every household has to run the way it has to run. That might mean the mother works full-time ______ (7) the dad stays home or vice versa. It might mean both parents work full-time or one works full-time ____   (8) one works part-time. There are a myriad of options but whichever option a household chooses, it shouldn't entitle ________ (9) parent to entirely absolve themselves of any responsibility for caring for their children.


When two people choose to have children it is a joint endeavour. Which is why I see the mother I sat next to yoga class on Saturday stops for a solo coffee somewhere afterwards, reads a paper or stares into space, and then dawdles home slowly. This is because the longer her husband is alone with their kids the better he will get at looking after ____ (10). And that's a win for everyone: mum, dad and the kids.