Women make better parents-T3A

Fill in the blanks with the following transition markers (please refer to processes and strategies section in the training modules for further clarification on them)

Tutorial 3A

1.     ----------------, being a good parent depends on so many variables, research has shown us that children from single mother households have a far bigger chance of delinquency and crime.

2.     ----------------, women have a very strong drive of self-preservation that almost gets to the point of self over everything else.

3.     ---------------- bearing children in their wombs for long nine months, women develop a kind of perpetual bond with them. ----------------, they are very comfortable and easy with children, not only their own, ---------------- children in general.

4.     ----------------, women, by nature, are extremely tender and affectionate. Children, ----------------, are always craving for love and security. A woman, being sensitive about these needs of children, never fails to satisfy them. Mother Teresa has set an example in this regard. Her instinctive and undying love for children makes her an epitome of universal motherhood. Men are generally lacking the traits of compassion and warmth. ----------------, they are not at all comfortable with children, rather they tend to become impatient and at times, even irritated, while being with them.

5.     ----------------, it is said that "men make houses women make homes". Both of them are important to build a happy family ---------------- maternal role is essential in raising children


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