Internet-Tutorial for Video

Tutorial for Video

Generally speaking, the internet is a vast computer network _______ (1) smaller computer networks together using the same set of communication ________ (2). Harm is physical, mental or moral damage while good is something that brings benefit or gain. Youth are those between childhood and ________ (3)and most countries define them as between the ages of thirteen and twenty four.

The internet was introduced in 1999 and has since then become a part of society. Some of its common uses among others are emailing, _________ (4) the World Wide Web, file sharing and media streaming. It is a powerful tool that is deceptively simple, easily accessible, and has no boundaries whatsoever. It enables you to have almost literally a world of information at your fingertips with little or in most cases, ___________ (5) censorship. This makes the internet destructive. For example, with a single click of a mouse, you can easily learn how to make a bomb, discover the least painful way to kill yourself or encourage you not to eat a calorie infested muffin because it will look bad on your stick thin thighs. 

Why are youths so _________ (6) to this harm? It has been scientifically proven that the frontal lobe of a youth’s brain which is the part of the brain that helps them make decisions is not as fully developed as that of an adult. This means that youth lack ________ (7) maturity and are less capable of wholly logical decisions.

The current state of the world we are living in makes it even more harmful for youths. Media and information ________ (8) supreme and youths are attracted to the internet like Singaporeans are attracted to the freebies.  Not only are offline crimes happening online, new online crimes such as hacking, email fraud are being ______ (9) as well. 

Not only does the internet bring more harm than good, this harm is ________ (10) far-reaching, more long lasting and more penetrative to youth.