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Author's Chair - Co-curricular activities


Mr.Ramlee: You should be more active in your co-curricular activities
Nasir: Why? I think they are a waste of time.
Mr.Ramlee: Be sensible. You need them to get extra points to get into university.
Nasir: That may be true Dad, but how many Prime Ministers can there be? Only those holding top posts get the maximum points. The rest of us, however much we contribute, will only get very few points. It’s just not worth the effort.

Who would you agree with? Nasir or his father? 



Read the question carefully.


Understand the question.

  • What is the question about?
  • Co-curricular activities in a student’s life – is it important or a waste of time.
  • Take a stand.
Who do you agree with? Nasir or his father, or both, or none.


Determine the correct structure and language features of an argumentative essay


Plan the essay using the Pros (for) and Cons (against) approach.

Co-curricular Activities 
Pros (for) Cons (against)
Helps in character development A waste of time


Expand and elaborate the points


  • Nasir’s Father: Gain points to enter university
  • Writer’s stand

  1. Invaluable experience
  2. Makes school exciting
  3. Have an advantage over others

Nasir: A waste of time and it is difficult to score maximum points.






Write your essay.


Check your spelling and punctuation.

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