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Author's Chair - Internet

Below is an excerpt of a letter published in a local newspaper. You would like to respond to it.

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper and state your viewpoints, giving reasons to support your opinion.

Dear Sir,

I’m one of those who truly believe that the Internet has more disadvantages than advantages. The likelihood of people misusing the Internet is very high. They can use it to spread lies or untrue information. What is worse is that this information can also be disseminated to almost everybody with little or no control. The user can also get access to all sorts of information, be it good or bad. Of course, you may say that parents ought to control their children’s usage of the Internet, but as we know, many of today’s parents have very little contact time with their children. Also, I feel that Internet can be rather addictive. Even adults sometimes spend hours chatting on the Internet. I have seen the effect of this behaviour on my family – my brother spends hours chatting with his Internet friends and hardly interacts with us, his family, any more. Families can and have broken up due to this addiction!. So, I think we should not see the Internet as a Great God of Technology. It is only one of the technological advances that mankind has wrought and has its weaknesses.

Internet User

You may use the i-think method to complete the task above.

Step 1 

Draw a circle map like the one below and brainstorm or list everything you know about the internet.


Step 2 

Draw a bubble map like the one below to list down key adjectives (qualities, properties or attributes) about the internet so you can describe and understand it better.



Step 3 

Draw a double bubble map to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. An example of a double bubble map contrasting the characteristics of a cat and a rabbit is given below:


Step 4 

Once you have all the points, take a stand. Does the internet cause more harm or good?

Step 5

Begin writing your essay. Don’t forget to edit and check your punctuation as well as spelling. All the best!

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